(MT Newswires) -- Larry Culp, current CEO of General Electric, has led the company's split into three distinct entities. This began with the separation of the healthcare division into GE Vernova. He says the main motivations behind this restructuring were to massively reduce GE's debt, with over $100 billion reduced, and to implement an operational turnaround, particularly in the energy sector where the gas business, under the leadership of Scott Strazik, required particular attention.

This restructuring is the result of a strategy to decentralise GE's operations and to respond to the preferences of the capital markets, which favoured separate rather than combined entities. Scott Strazik, with his notable success in turning around the gas business and extending it to GE's other energy segments, emerged as the ideal candidate to lead GE Vernova.

Strazik highlights the enormous potential of the energy transition, focusing on emerging sectors such as data centres in the US, which could account for 8% of the total increase in electricity consumption by 2030, meaning that demand would quadruple. For him, decarbonisation is not only imperative for the environment, it also represents a crucial business opportunity. 

Strazik identifies Vernova's unique combination of technologies - including gas, nuclear, wind, and grid solutions - as a distinctive advantage in meeting the complex needs of their customers in an evolving energy system.

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