• Cloud application provides data quality and asset performance diagnostics to unlock hidden savings, perform analytics more quickly, and ensure trusted data to drive business decisions
  • Complementary to GE Digital's Asset Performance Management (APM) software, Industrial Data Diagnostics is designed to offer out-of-the-box recommendations for quick time to value
  • Unique benchmarked enterprise visibility on standard maintenance and reliability metrics enables continuous data and process improvement across facilities

SAN RAMON, Calif. - April 27, 2022 -- GE Digital today announced the availability of Industrial Data Diagnostics, a cloud application that is complementary to the company's industry-leading APM asset performance management software. Industrial Data Diagnostics™ serves as a valuable diagnostic tool set providing data quality recommendations along with easy to use out-of-the-box analytics designed to help assess predictive maintenance effectiveness, find benchmarked bad actors, and quantify opportunity benefits.

Large enterprises with several plants, with non-standardized CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) data, and/or multiple CMMS instances, can benefit from Industrial Data Diagnostics through data standardization, enterprise metrics, and data analytical capabilities.

Improving maintenance data quality from EAM/CMMS systems dramatically improves Asset Performance Management practices and enables data-driven decision making with confidence. Industrial Data Diagnostics software helps distinguish usable data from incomplete or inaccurate data, which in turn helps customers identify unnecessary spend, experience stronger ROI, benchmark against industry peers, and identify data improvement opportunities simultaneously. And companies can utilize the Industrial Data Diagnostics data quality module to gauge the quality and potential gaps of their asset management data and have a clearer understanding of what data they should have to initiate an asset performance management project.

"Every asset intensive industrial company should take advantage of this unique GE Digital tool to drive asset strategy, benchmark performance by asset type, class, brand, or service, prioritize MRO spend, and assess APM performance," said Joe Perino, Principal Analyst, LNS Research. "Agnostic to any CMMS/EAM software, Industrial Data Diagnostics is a vital key to balancing the tradeoff between availability, cost, and utilization."

Industrial Data Diagnostics helps companies understand which metrics can be measured and reported with confidence today and identify what data needs to be improved over time. It is designed to help show company performance as compared to the average peer benchmark for overall maintenance cost, average maintenance work cost, average maintenance work count, mechanical downtime, and site performance. It also provides an asset performance comparison for assets at the different levels of corporate hierarchy, equipment classification, or the individual asset level.

Another valuable feature of Industrial Data Diagnostics shows the average corrective cost versus the mean time between repairs for specific manufacturers of an equipment type or class. A North American petrochemical company was able to analyze failure trends of poor performing pressure transmitters. Industrial Data Diagnostics recommended a new manufacturer based on industry-wide performance data and projected that the organization could save $8 million over the life of the more reliable transmitters.

Industrial Data Diagnostics (formally Asset Answers) is designed to include an improved UX/UI, greater scalability, and tighter integration with GE Digital's APM. Built on the same platform as APM, users can more easily navigate between modules using a single login and help to accelerate the value their asset performance management experience.

"Many energy companies, manufacturing, and chemical processors naturally struggle with data quality," said Linda Rae, General Manager of GE Digital's Power Generation and Oil & Gas business. "With Industrial Data Diagnostics, we have overcome problems caused by data quality and unlocked hidden savings. Companies can perform reliable analytics in seconds, and ensure trusted data drives critical business decisions with confidence."

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