GE HealthCare announced Revolution RT, a new radiation therapy computed tomography (CT) solution with innovative hardware and software solutions to help increase imaging accuracy, while simplifying simulation workflow for a more personalized and seamless oncology care pathway experience for clinicians and patients. The new Revolution RT is being unveiled at the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ESTRO) 2024 Congress in Glasgow, along with an updated and artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced version of the Intelligent Radiation Therapy (iRT) platform, which interfaces with the Spectronic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Planner. Additionally, the company will showcase the newly acquired MIM Software portfolio, as well as other key innovations from GE HealthCare.

GE HealthCare?s novel radiation therapy solutions, and recent acquisition of the MIM Software portfolio, are designed to reshape the oncology experience around the needs of providers and their patients across the cancer care continuum: Introducing Revolution RT: GE HealthCare designed its new Revolution RT with a wide-bore CT platform and high-performance radiation therapy simulation, diagnostic, and interventional capabilities to accommodate more patients, and create a more streamlined standard of care. Revolution RT includes precision radiotherapy simulation that will help enable more accurate imaging, while improving workflow and efficiency, and using deep learning technology to help image the patient with accuracy. Updated Intelligent Radiation Therapy (iRT): At ESTRO 2024, GE HealthCare will also be showcasing the newly updated iRT platform, which was originally launched at ESTRO 2023.

This innovative solution enables greater interoperability, connectivity, and efficiency throughout the entirety of the radiation oncology care continuum and includes key features such as an integrated workflow that connects various applications into an intuitive single interface, multi-vendor interoperability, seamless data transfer and task automation, and a catalog of RT applications from both GE HealthCare and third parties. The company is unveiling multiple updates to the iRT platform, which highlight its vendor-agnostic ecosystem: MR Direct (with Spectronic Medical): Spectronic Medical?s application, which is integrated into the updated iRT, uses AI to convert MR simulation images into an equivalent CT image that can be used for RT dose calculation. Simplified Planning (with MIM): Advance interoperability with automated context launching to simplify pre-treatment planning steps including image viewing, segmentation, and fusion.

InstaPlan (with RaySearch): A novel approach to treatment plan creation while the patient is still on the simulation table. This is a paradigm shift that can potentially reduce the time between simulation and first radiation dose. GE HealthCare?s collaboration with RaySearch will bring further innovation in simulation and treatment planning workflows to support advancements in Photon, Electron, Particle, and Brachy therapies.

Personalization: The newly enhanced version of iRT is updated to allow user-enabled personalization, analytics, and notification modules. Advancing AI and Digital Solutions for More Personalized Oncology Radiation Therapy: GE HealthCare recently announced the acquisition close of MIM Software and the addition of its imaging analytics and digital workflow offerings as a part of the company?s portfolio. MIM Software's clinical tools ?

paired with GE HealthCare's imaging solutions ? bring improved flexibility, automation, and efficiency to providers. This includes the addition of MIM Software?s radiation oncology portfolio, which is designed to provide clinicians with complementary interoperable solutions that can help simplify complex planning and deliver faster treatment.