GE HealthCare and Biofourmis announced a strategic collaboration aimed at enhancing continuity of care by enabling safe, effective, and accessible care in the home to support the patient journey beyond the hospital setting. The collaboration leverages the combined expertise of two market leaders to scale and deliver innovative care-at-home solutions. Hospital systems are experiencing increased cost of care due to workforce shortages, constrained bed capacity and increasing readmission rates.i,ii Care-at-home programs, which typically include a virtual component, have proven to be effective in decreasing the length of stay and readmission rates which can result in the overall cost of care being reduced.

Additionally, care-at-home programs can also support patient recovery and safety, with a potential reduction in fall risk and hospital acquired infectionsv Patients using remote solutions in their homes are three times more likely to be satisfied with the overall care The goal of the GE HealthCare-Biofourmis collaboration is to enable more patients to go home earlier, and offer an alternative to facility-based care with the comfort and peace of mind that they are receiving high quality care at home with the intent of driving healthy behaviors in patients by managing them remotely. Moreover, insights from Biofourmis' FDA-cleared, AI-guided algorithms can help care teams deliver efficient, personalized care at home. Biofourmis offers care-at-home solutions to deliver and enable care both virtually and in person using its digital platform, with FDA-cleared AI-guided algorithms, clinical-grade wearable devices, in-home services orchestration technology, and nursing services.

The solutions provide numerous dynamic care pathways with questionnaire-branching logic to provide enhanced clinical context for care teams. GE HealthCare's FlexAcuity monitoring solutions in combination with GE HealthCare's virtual care solutions like Mural ICU, Command Center and Digital CMU adapt to rapidly changing patient needs in the hospital and are built on a legacy of innovation. By offering Biofourmis' virtual care-at-home solutions to customers, GE HealthCare can extend the care continuum beyond the hospital, and care teams can have a longitudinal patient view beyond the hospital setting. GE HealthCare will begin distributing Biofourmis solutions to customers in the United States starting first quarter of 2024.