As EV technology continues to evolve, General Motors is working toward elevating the overall ownership experience by introducing new ways for customers to unlock additional value and gain access to the expanded benefits of an all-electric future. Available for the first time as part of its expanding product ecosystem, GM Energy's initial offerings for residential customers will enable the use of vehicle-to-home (V2H) bidirectional charging technology to provide power from a compatible GM EV to a properly equipped home, helping to mitigate the negative impacts of weather-related outages and integrate with future clean energy products for even greater personal grid resiliency. The GM Energy product suite will be offered through a set of unique bundle options, providing residential customers with the ability to select solutions that align with their specific energy needs, budget and preferences, all online.

GM Energy representatives will be on hand to connect customers with preferred installer, Qmerit, who can help with obtaining necessary permits and connect with utilities to ensure a seamless guided experience. At launch1, customers will be able to purchase GM Energy's V2H bundle, which includes necessary equipment to enable the transfer of energy between a customer's compatible EV and a properly equipped home. GM Energy will make additional residential solutions, including stationary energy storage and solar integration, available for purchase later this year.

GM Energy's products will be accessible through current GM mobile brand apps, allowing customers to seamlessly manage the transfer of stored energy between applicable and connected GM Energy assets, for a fully integrated and convenient experience. The first vehicle in GM's portfolio of EVs to be compatible with the GM Energy home product suite is the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV First-Edition RST2, which will be equipped with V2H bidirectional charging technology. Moving forward, GM will continue to expand V2H bidirectional charging technology across its retail portfolio of Ultium-based EVs by model year 2026.

Pricing, installation cost and timeline for delivery for each of GM Energy's initial product bundles will vary. Additional information about GM Energy and its ecosystem of available product and service offerings is available at 1Product availability at launch will be limited to California, Florida, Michigan, New York and Texas, with plans to expand over time.

2Actual production will vary. The GM Energy PowerShift Charger and GM Energy V2H Enablement Kit shown requires an adequately charged and properly equipped GM EV (anticipated 24MY Silverado EV RST, 24MY Sierra EV Denali, 24MY Chevrolet Blazer EV, 24MY Chevrolet Equinox EV, 24MY Cadillac LYRIQ) having bidirectional charging capabilities, a properly equipped home, and proper grid interconnection. Some eligible 24MY EVs will require a dealership or over-the-air update to enable bidirectional charging.

Weather conditions, life of the battery, vehicle variation and usage, and other external factors may impact the duration of power supply. Power supply may be interrupted.