Reuters sources say the Biden administration is set to water down tough targets set for cutting emissions.

Last year, the Environment Protection Agency had proposed requiring a 56% reduction in new vehicle emissions by 2032.

And automakers would have been required to aim for 60% of their sales being electric vehicles by 2030.

The proposals met pushback from big firms as well as labor unions.

A trade body representing General Motors, Ford and other giants called the targets "neither reasonable nor achievable".

The Union of Auto Workers called for the measures to be phased in more gradually.

It argues that the infrastructure is not in place for the mass adoption of EVs, which it says are also still too costly for many consumers.

Washington appears to have listened.

The Reuters sources say the EPA will now slow the pace of new emissions requirements.

They say its new proposals could be made public as soon as next month.

Environmental rules have emerged as a political battleground, with former Republican President Donald Trump arguing that green targets threaten auto industry jobs.

Even so, the UAW has recently endorsed Joe Biden for this year's presidential election.