Aug. 30th, 2022

The following statement is from Arnie Stefaniuk, Vice President Regional Planning for Genesis Land Development Corp.

RE: Response to media reports regarding environmental concerns at Logan Landing

CALGARY - Logan Landing is a very special community because of its environmental significance, which Genesis is committed to protecting and enhancing. Much time, study and thought has gone into these plans, which we believe will stand as an example of great city building years from now, for bringing the river to the people.

We would like to clarify media reports that suggest we will be developing over the wetlands or destroying natural habitat. We will be doing no such thing. Wetlands are protected according to provincial and municipal guidelines, which Logan Landing not only respects but builds upon.

The development includes public viewing points overlooking the escarpment and is set back above the river. This, for the first time, gives Calgarians access to viewing and enjoying the southern-most tip of the Bow River, while leaving undisturbed the sensitive riparian landscape and wildlife habitat.

Specifically, here is how we are addressing some of the environmental concerns recently raised in the media:

  • A natural buffer will be maintained to a minimum of 60 metres from the river's edge, before any development takes place;
  • 30 % of Logan Landing will be open space and environmental reserves;
  • Bank swallows are a federally listed species. Their nests are found along the avulsion channel banks, which will be protected by setbacks specifically for this purpose . No development will take place within a minimum of 60 metres from the avulsion channel or bank swallows' nests;
  • Logan Landing is a minimum 750 metres away from a colony of blue-heron nesting sites.
  • Logan Landing is not being built on the flood plain, it is 60 metres outside the boundaries in the city's flood maps;
  • Logan Landing is also outside of the city's 400-year river meander belt, according to a city- commissioned study.

We want to emphasize that Logan Landing went through a rigorous review process and met or exceeded all environmental regulatory requirements. Environmental reserve areas will help balance the protection of sensitive lands and species with the City's desire for access to the area's natural assets.

Moreover, the majority of the 2,000 new homes in Logan Landing are middle-class family homes needed to protect Calgary's housing affordability. The new growth Genesis is building today is scaled to pedestrians, has environmental sustainability at its core and represents complete communities where people can live,

work and play. More greenfield infrastructure that allows for the latest renewable energy technology such as we are building is needed to meet our net zero goals and decarbonization objectives.

Arnie Stefaniuk

Vice President, Regional Planning

Genesis Land Development Corp.

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Genesis is an integrated land developer and residential home builder operating in the Calgary Metropolitan Area ("CMA") holding a portfolio of well-located, entitled and unentitled primarily residential lands and serviced lots in the CMA.

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