GivBux, Inc. announces the launch of its innovative Super App after four years of meticulous development and thorough beta testing. As the first and only app of its nature, the GivBux Super App weaves together brands, consumers and charities into a unified economic ecosystem. This platform not only drives new business avenues for retailers but also offers consumers enticing rewards, while simultaneously promoting effortless charitable contributions.

The GivBux Super App stands out as a user-friendly shopping tool, enabling swift purchases at over 100 national retailers, alongside a steadily increasing array of local ones. Whether shopping online or in-store, users can choose from a wide array of prominent brands, including Amazon, Old Navy, AMC, Delta Airlines, Petco, Domino?s Pizza and many more. The list is ever-evolving, with new merchants regularly joining the platform.

The app's distinctive feature is its philanthropic element. True to GivBux Inc.'s commitment to "give back," users can specify their preferred charities within the app. They have the flexibility to switch their choice at any time.

Every purchase made at any participating merchant using the app rewards the user with cashback. A part of this cashback can be directed towards their selected charity. The contribution percentage, adjustable between 1% and 100%, can be modified at the user's discretion directly within the app.

GivBux manages the collection and distribution, ensuring a hassle-free experience. But that's not all. The GivBux Super App is a multi-functional platform, encapsulating several services beyond its primary features.

Super Apps are designed to offer diverse functionalities like social networking, e-commerce, banking, messaging, food delivery and transportation ? all within a single platform. With the recent buzz about Elon Musk's aspiration to transform X (formerly Twitter) into a Super App, this genre is gaining global recognition.

Renowned examples include Allipay and Tencent's WeChat in China, as well as Grab in Southeast Asia. GivBux is set to introduce a myriad of additional features catering to merchants, consumers, and charities. While some of these updates will be unveiled in the upcoming weeks, others are still in the beta testing phase.