GivBux, Inc. has issued an extensive update for its shareholders and followers that outlines the company's foremost goals and plans for the next six months. Become fully compliant with SEC and OTC Markets. The company has instructed its accountants to bring all records and statements up to date in preparation of an independent audit, and to complete and submit all necessary updated reports and documents required for the company to qualify as a fully-reporting OTCQB corporation as soon as possible.

Release GivBux Super App v.2.0. This version will include a number of significant technological enhancements including: Cloud Biometrics. Each user?s Super App data will be stored on the cloud in real time, and the user will be able to access their GivBux Super App directly from the internet, at any time, from any device. Easy access from anywhere and no more fear of losing data if your phone is lost or stolen.

Augmented Reality. AR is an exciting new technology that enhances the world around us by adding an extra layer of content over the real world. Its potential applications are virtually limitless, and AR will eventually be integrated into GivBux Super App in ways that benefit the entire GivBux community of users, merchants and charities.

AR components will enhance features and functions of the Super App in a variety of ways ranging from Branding Enhancement and Social Sharing to Image Targeting via graphics and photos, to Treasure Hunt experiences and Mini-Games that will come with GivBux perks for those who participate. Initial integration of AR into the Super App will begin over the next few months and continue indefinitely as new technologies evolve. Updated Voice/Video/Chat Features to include multiuser video calling, creating and sending voice and video messages, and more.

Enhanced Social Media Capability. This will allow users to create content directly from the GivBux Super App and post content to be distributed throughout the entire GivBux Community. Real Time Crypto Exchange.

This new Super App function will allow users who own cryptocurrency to use their tokens to purchase products and services from GivBux Merchants at Point of Contact, or to make donations to their preferred charities. When the user is ready to make a purchase, the Super App will accept their crypto token and convert it to GivBux, which will then be used to complete the transaction, all in real time. Integration of GBX Business Opportunity with the GivBux Super App.

All functionality of the GBX business opportunity, including GivBux University, will be integrated into an Affiliate subsection of the GivBux Super App. GivBux users who participate in the company?s GBX affiliate program will now be able to enroll merchants and track their GivBux business activities in the Super App as well as on the GBX website. Expand and Enhance Usability Features of the Super App for GivBux Local Merchants and Charities by integrating GivBux University and a series of training videos into the back office of the Super App, and providing an on-App Blueprint that will allow affiliates to quickly and seamlessly enroll and onboard new merchants.

Launch an Extensive online Marketing Campaign using high level social media influencers and other people of influence representing a wide array of areas including film, music, entertainment, philanthropy and charitable giving.