Business description: Gland Pharma Limited

Gland Pharma Limited is an India-based generic injectables manufacturer. The Company specializes in sterile injectables, oncology, and ophthalmic, with a specific focus on complex injectables, NCE-1s (New Chemical Entities), First-to-File products, and 505(b)(2) filings. The Company functions primarily on a business-to-business (B2B) model and has a record in pharmaceutical research and development, manufacturing, and marketing of complex injectables. The Company offers a range of delivery systems, including liquid vials, lyophilized vials, pre-filled syringes, ampoules, bags, and drops. It is also in the process of including new delivery systems such as pens and cartridges into its product portfolio. Its key molecules include Heparin Sodium Injection, Enoxaparin Sodium Injection, Rocuronium Bromide Injection, Daptomycin Injection, among others. Its therapeutic products categories include Anti Malarials, Anti-Infectives, Anti-Neoplastics, Gynaecological, Hormones, and others.

Number of employees: 4,208

Sales by Activity: Gland Pharma Limited

Fiscal Period: March20192020202120222023


- - 34.63B 44.01B 36.25B
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Geographical breakdown of sales: Gland Pharma Limited

Fiscal Period: March20192020202120222023


- 17.58B 21.28B 23.33B 20.91B

Rest of The World (ROW)

2.19B 2.32B 5.46B 8.48B 6.89B


3.88B 4.67B 5.56B 8.8B 5.55B


- 1.17B 1.51B 2.4B 1.87B


- 469M 659M 829M 795M


- 131M 160M 171M 218M

New Zealand

- - - - 10.86M

North America & Europe

14.37B - - - -
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Managers: Gland Pharma Limited

Insider TitleAgeSince
Chief Executive Officer 55 99-12-31
Director of Finance/CFO - 19-09-29
Chief Tech/Sci/R&D Officer - 01-12-31
Corporate Officer/Principal - 13-12-31
Corporate Officer/Principal - 19-08-11

Members of the board: Gland Pharma Limited

Insider TitleAgeSince
Chief Executive Officer 55 99-12-31
Director/Board Member 69 18-02-06
Director/Board Member 52 17-10-02
Director/Board Member 57 18-11-19
Composition of the Board of Directors

Shareholders: Gland Pharma Limited

85,393,894 51.83 % 1 868 M ₹
Mirae Asset Investment Managers (India) Pvt Ltd.
6.914 %
11,390,985 6.914 % 249 M ₹
Nippon Life India Asset Management Ltd. (Invt Mgmt)
6.409 %
10,558,247 6.409 % 231 M ₹
HDFC Asset Management Co. Ltd. (Invt Mgmt)
5.352 %
8,817,385 5.352 % 193 M ₹
SBI Funds Management Ltd.
3.020 %
4,974,774 3.020 % 109 M ₹
List of GLAND PHARMA LIMITED shareholders

Company details: Gland Pharma Limited

Gland Pharma Ltd.

TSIIC Phase: IV Plot No. 11 & 84

502307, Sangareddy

+91 84 5569 9999
address Gland Pharma Limited(GLAND)

Group companies: Gland Pharma Limited

NameCategory and Sector
Pharmaceuticals: Major
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Other Pharmaceuticals

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Change 5d. change 1-year change 3-years change Capi. ($)
+1.91%-1.53%+63.44%-49.72% 3.9B
-2.04%-4.53%+88.23%+255.49% 791B
-2.16%-1.81%+64.07%+221.71% 595B
+2.31%-0.42%-8.86%-9.28% 367B
+1.03%-0.22%+15.46%+62.63% 315B
+1.65%+0.44%+22.95%+49.45% 306B
+0.07%-0.18%0.00%-20.62% 247B
+0.20%-0.25%+13.30%+47.30% 244B
+0.08%-2.83%+6.01%+15.27% 218B
+0.94%+0.25%+42.94%+37.30% 179B
Average +0.40%-0.91%+30.76%+60.95% 326.54B
Weighted average by Cap. -0.28%-2.00%+39.51%+116.88%
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