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6M 2022

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Sumerpark Shopping Centre: Denizli's 3rd largest shopping centre with 35,836 m2 GLA ► Van Shopping Centre: Van's first shopping
centre with 26.047m2 GLA
Denizli SkyCity Office Project: Denizli's first and the largest modern office project with a construction area of 33.055 m2
Sümerpark Residences: The first modern mass-housingproject in Denizli with 8 blocks over 105.000 m2 construction area
Salipazarı Global Building: 2nd degree listed building with 5.230 m2 area.

Portfolio Overview

Investment Holding with a focus on;

Port Infrastructure, Gas, Power Generation, Mining and Asset Management



Real Estate



  • World's largest independent cruise port

operator with 26 ports, including 1 commercial port, in 14 different countries across 4 continents

  • Normally c.14mn pax annually with an established presence in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Asia-Pacific regions
  • Listed on London Stock Exchange


  • Caribbean (Naasua,Antigua and San Juan):The siginificant and the busiest transit ports in the Caribbean
  • Barcelona: Europe's leading cruise port
  • Venice: The best facilities lead to Venice
  • Valletta: The door to the Mediterranean
  • Singapore: One of main homeport in Asia
  • Lisbon: Significant homeport in Atlantic
  • Ege Port Kuşadası: The Gateway To Ephesus
  • Ha Long: First purpose-built cruise port in Vietnam
  • Canary Island: Las Palmas, Lanzarote ve Fuerteventura
  • Port of Adria, Bodrum, Cagliari, Catania, Malaga, Zadar, La Goulette, Taranto, Kalundborg, Tarragona, Crotone, Vigo
  • Power

Co/Tri-generation with 54.1 MW installed capacity

Biomass power plants with a installed capacity of 29.2 MW at three separate facilities

Solar power plant with 10.8 MWp installed capacity


Turkey's & Europe's leading non-piped natural gas distributor in terms of plant infrastructure and bulk CNG sales volume. Market leader, controlling around c.25% market share in total non-piped natural gas (CNG & LNG) market in Turkey

  • Mining

One of Turkey's leading players in industrial minerals with about 1.0mn tons feldspar annual production capacity

  • Denizli Hospital Land: 10,745 m2
  • Denizli Final Schools: 11.565 m2 GLA
  • Cyprus Aqua Dolce Hotel Project: 260.177 m2 land with 48.756 m2 hotel and residential project area
  • Bilecik Industrial Zone Land: 29.500 m2
  • Bodrum Land: 3,000 m2

Consolidated total GLA: 84,797 m2

Retail sector GLA: 63,502 m2

Other leasable areas: 21,295 m2

  • Asset Management

Among the leading independent asset management companies of the market, offering service to domestic, international, corporate and individual investors with its innovative product portfolio

Largest domestic and independent asset management company in Turkey

  • Istanbul Asset Management (AUM: TL c.31.2bn as of July 2022)
  • Global MD
    (AUM: TL c.314mn as of July 2022)
  • Brokerage

Among Turkey's leading independent brokerage firms that offer securities and derivatives trading and portfolio management services to international and domestic investors

  • Global Securities has a market share of 1.28% with an equity trading volume of TL 140bn, ranking 22th among domestic brokerage houses in 6M 2022

Company Overview

Shareholding Structure, Strategic Priorities, Corporate Governance & Ratings

  • A diversified conglomerate with an agile investment strategy maximizing shareholder value
  • Has evolved into a dynamic investment vehicle with interests in a variety of nascent business sectors and traditional non- bank financial service providers
  • Current portfolio of assets includes commercial and cruise ports, energy, real estate and financial services offering high growth with 'first mover' advantages
  • Lean management facilitates swift decision making and timely response while extracting maximum value by successful exit
  • Listed on the Borsa Istanbul (BIST) ('GLYHO')

Shareholding Structure as of 25/08/2022

*Disclosed together with the shares of Turkcom Turizm Enerji İnşaat Gıda Yatırımlar A.Ş. which is %100 owned by Mehmet Kutman.

Corporate Governance Rating - Kobirate

Confirmed Overall Company Rating: 9.14 (out of 10.0)



Shareholders (25%)


Public Disclosure and Transparency (25%)


Stakeholders (15%)


Board of Directors (35%)


Credit Rating - JCR Eurasia

Global Investment Holdings (GIH)


Long Term International Foreign Currency

BB / (Stable Outlook)

Long Term International Local Currency

BB / (Stable Outlook)

Long Term International Issue Rating


Long Term National Local Rating

BBB (Trk) / (Stable Outlook)

Long Term National Issue Rating

BBB (Trk)

Short Term International Foreign Currency

B / (Stable Outlook)

Short Term International Local Currency

B / (Stable Outlook)

Short Term International Issue Rating


Short Term National Local Rating

A-3 (Trk) / (Stable Outlook)

Short Term National Issue Rating

A-3 (Trk)

Sponsor Support


Stand Alone


Board of Directors: Mehmet Kutman (Chairman), Erol Göker, Ayşegül Bensel, Serdar Kırmaz, Oğuz Satıcı, H.Faik Açıkalın (Independent), Gülsüm Azeri (Independent)

  • Audit Committee: H.Faik Açıkalın (Chairman), Gülsüm Azeri
  • Corporate Governance Committee : H.Faik Açıkalın (Chairman), Gülsüm Azeri, Ayşegül Bensel, Serdar Kırmaz, Oğuz Satıcı, Aslı Su Ata
  • Early Risk Assessment Committee : H.Faik Açıkalın (Chairman), Gülsüm Azeri, Ayşegül Bensel, Serdar Kırmaz, Oğuz Satıcı


We intend to stay focused on our strategic sectors


Make inorganic acquisitions in high-

value regions of the Americas,

consolidate the market further while

looking for horizontal growth in port/passenger related businesses

  • Double the current portfolio and number of passengers in the mid-term
  • Sail for the Americas, and reproduce the success we achieved in the Med
  • Implement B2C and B2B revenue opportunities to improve passenger experience at our cruise ports, similar to the strategies successfully implemented by airport operators
  • Deliver growth and cash from the commercial ports services through higher capacity utilization and making use of recent investments
  • Continue to enhance the competitive advantage achieved by being the first mover


Develop green energy projects with attractive long-termfeed-in tariffs and innovative energy efficiency solutions

  • Target up to 300MW installed capacity in renewable energy and energy efficiency in the next couple of years
  • Selectively participate in major renewable tenders such as YEKA Solar projects
  • Expand in destinations we operate ports, especially in the Caribbean
  • Acquire mid-to-big ticket operating and brown- field renewable assets with long feed-in tariff periods
  • Extend the experience and investments to surrounding markets such as Africa that as yet have an underdeveloped power infrastructure
  • Evaluate new international expansion/project opportunities


Grow in asset management

  • Create Turkey's largest independent asset manager
  • Acquire independent asset management companies to boost AuM in the short term
  • Create an infrastructure fund for international investors that will invest in infrastructure projects with significant treasury guarantees
  • Acquire market share in pension industry benefiting from re-allocation of asset management services for pension funds
  • Feed pension funds with alternative investment funds that will be mandatory for auto-enrolment funds
  • Invest in growth stage technology start ups with a potential to become global growth stories


Capabilities & Strategy

Effective recognition of attractive investment opportunities in rapidly growing sectors

No specific geographic or sector-bound limits

Proven track record of successful exits

A dynamic investment vehicle with interests in a variety of budding business sectors

Fast Mover

First Entrant



Unique position as industry consolidator in its port operations

Always prioritize the potential for future growth

Investment portfolio unlike any other traditional holding company

Respond swiftly to a continuously changing business environment and achieving operational efficiency

  • Expansion in all our portfolio companies
  • Create a worldwide, high quality asset (consolidating the cruise port industry around the globe)
  • Attach a value to at least one of our portfolio companies
  • Create regional / international entities with the core focus on port infrastructure, clean energy and asset management


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