September 1, 2022

GMO Payment Service, Inc.

GMO is the GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. consolidated company in the Internet Group GMO Payment Service, Inc. (President & Chief Executive Officer: Katsunari Mukai hereinafter referred to as "GMO-PS") is a buy now pay laterpayment service for BtoC EC business operators" The "Electronic Barcode Type," which does not require paper invoice, which is the GMO Payment After Delivery" billing method, will be expanded from September 1, 2022 (Thursday).
In the "electronic barcode type", the purchaser pays by displaying an electronic bar code for payment on a smartphone instead of a paper invoice (*1), so the EC business operator to introduce it is paper invoice There is no need to send and bundle the product, and it is possible to realize business efficiency and paperlessness. Until now, it was only available to EC businesses that provide their own applications, but now we will add "Electronic Barcode Type Web Browser Version" so that more EC operators can use "Electronic Barcode Type".
In addition, from the order at noon today, the fashion EC "ZOZOTOWN" operated by ZOZO, Inc. Deferred Payment", "Electronic Barcode Type Web Browser Version" has been started.

  • *1 "PAYSLE" (URL: provided by SMBC Finance Service Co., Ltd. and brees corporation We are utilizing the mechanism of .

【Background and Summary】

The scale of the buy now pay laterpayment service market in Japan is as follows buy now pay laterpayment Based on the transaction volume of service providers, it is expected to reach 879 billion yen in fiscal 2020 and expand to more than 1.9 trillion yen in fiscal 2025 (*2). Along with the expansion of the market, the number of EC businesses introducing buy now pay laterpayment is increasing buy now pay laterpayment There is a need for greater convenience in business.
On the other hand, in recent Japan, each company has been working on SDGs toward the realization of a sustainable society, and even EC businesses using "GMO Payment After Delivery" have been able to "promote paperlessness, buy now pay later We want to reduce the paper invoice generated at the time of provision" requests are increasing.
Therefore, GMO-PS has been providing "GMO Payment After Delivery" billing method since December 2019 invoice In order to enable more EC businesses to use "Electronic Barcode Type" that does not require "Electronic Barcode Type" as much as possible, "Electronic Barcode Type Web Browser Version" has been newly added in addition to the existing "Electronic Barcode Type Smartphone App Version".
"Electronic Barcode Type Web Browser Version" is a billing method that sends a URL that displays an electronic bar code for convenience store payment, etc. to the purchaser by e-mail instead of sending paper invoice to the purchaser or enclosing it with the product and shipping it, The purchaser payment by presenting the screen of the smartphone on which the received electronic bar code is displayed at the cash register of the convenience store. Therefore, EC businesses that introduce the system do not need to issue invoice, send them, and bundle them with products, which leads to operational efficiency buy now pay later Paperless can be realized without paper invoice generated in the provision of payment. In addition, while the use of the "smartphone application version" required the company's own application, the "web browser version" does not require the in-house application, so it can be used by more EC operators.
The issuance cost of the electronic barcode for the "Electronic Barcode Type" will be 170 yen / case (excluding tax) for both the "Smartphone Application Version" and the "Web Browser Version" in conjunction with the addition of the "Web Browser Version", and the issuance cost of paper invoice "Sealed letter type (215 yen / case (excluding tax))" and "Crimped postcard type (185 yen / case (excluding tax))" It can be used inexpensively compared to.
From today, for six months (6 months) from the time of contract, we will provide a special 160 yen / case (excluding tax) for the issuance cost of electronic bar codes. For details, please check the following.
GMO-PS will continue to support EC business operators' DX and SDGs initiatives.

  • Source: Yano Institute of Economic Research, Inc., "Survey on the E-Commerce payment Service Market (2022)" (announced on April 13, 2022)

【Outline of Special Price Provision for Electronic Barcode Issuance Fee】

・Implementation period: From Thursday, September 1, 2022 to Wednesday, December 28, 2022・Target: "GMO Payment After Delivery" will be newly contract during the implementation period, and "electronic barcode type (smartphone application version/web browser version)" as a billing method EC business operator selected
* "Electronic barcode type (smartphone application version/web browser version)" of EC business operators who have already contract "GMO Payment After Delivery" Switching to is not eligible.・Contents: We will provide electronic barcode issuance fee for six months (6 months) from contract time to 160 yen / case (excluding tax).
* From contract to half a year onwards, the normal price will be 170 yen / case (excluding tax).
* Initial fee, monthly fee, payment fee, etc. will be charged separately.

"GMO Payment After Delivery" is provided by GMO-PS for EC operators buy now pay later payment service. In addition to making advance payments regardless of the purchaser's payment status, GMO-PS also performs all operations such as credit management, invoice issuance, and deposit management, so EC business operators are payment There is no hassle or risk of uncollected work, and convenient buy now pay laterpayment can be presented to the purchaser (*3). As a result, it is expected to capture the user base that has not been able to purchase for reasons such as "there is resistance to using credit cards" and "I want to payment after actually seeing the product or using the service".

■ Features of GMO Payment After Delivery

1. Real-time credit Since credit confirmation is performed in real time without making the purchaser wait, smooth payment prevents the purchaser from leaving.
2. Selectable billing method Three types of billing methods are available for purchasers: "sealed letter type", "crimped postcard type", and "electronic barcode type (smartphone application version/web browser version)". You can choose the optimal billing method according to each purpose, such as compatible payment method, cost reduction, utilization of your own EC application, etc. In addition, for the "sealed letter type" and "crimped postcard type", we also have a "invoice bundle service" that bundles invoice with products, and we will respond to various requests of EC business operators.
3. Industry's lowest rate In addition to payment fees, monthly fees, invoice issuance costs, electronic bar code issuance costs, transfer fees, etc. are all at the lowest level (*4) in the industry. For details of the fee, please refer to the following URL.
  • (* 3) Transactions that have passed the credit check by GMO-PS and have been completed normally are eligible.
  • *4 GMO-PS research (as of September 1, 2022).

【GMO Payment Service】

GMO-PS is a consolidated company of GMO Payment Gateway, which develops comprehensive payment-related and finance-related services, for BtoC EC transactions buy now pay later payment service "GMO Payment After Delivery" and buy now pay later for BtoB transactions We provide payment service "GMO B2B Pay on Credit". It is used by many businesses due to its provision of real-time credit, the industry's lowest level of rates, and a system that can be customized according to the operation of the operator.
Going forward, we will continue to aim to be a company that contributes to society and people through Internet and payment services, and strive to develop and provide services that EC businesses and purchasers can use more safely and conveniently.

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GMO Payment Service, Inc.

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Corporate Name GMO Payment Service, Inc.
Location 1-14-6 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Humax Shibuya Building
Representative President & Chief Executive Officer Katsunari Mukai
Business Description ■ payment processing services and EC peripheral services
Capital 150 million yen

[GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.] (URL:

Corporate Name GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. (TSE Prime Securities Code: 3769)
Location 1-2-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibuya Fukurasu
Representative President & Chief Executive Officer Issei Ainoura
Business Description ■ Comprehensive payment related services and finance related services
Capital 13,323 million yen

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Corporate Name GMO Internet Group, Inc. (TSE Prime, Securities Code: 9449)
Location Cerulean Tower 26-1, Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative Representative Director and Group Representative Masatoshi Kumagai
Business Description ■ Internet infrastructure business
■ Internet advertising / media business
■ Internet finance business
■ Cryptographic assets business
Capital 5 billion yen


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