Grifols, S.A. announced the launch of its new Grifols sCD38 solution, the industry's first-ever soluble recombinant protein designed to block anti-CD38 antibodies in multiple myeloma patients receiving daratumumab therapy, ensuring quick and accurate blood transfusion tests that are critical for proper treatment. Daratumumab is a CD38-directed monoclonal antibody for treating multiple myeloma. However, during treatment the drug binds to the CD38 protein on red blood cells and can alter the results of critical blood pre-transfusion tests.

This can delay lifesaving transfusions for these patients. Grifols sCD38's novel approach enables a more seamless screening, identification and crossmatching process when using Grifols' DG Gel system for running pre-transfusion compatibility tests. When using this solution, laboratories have clearer clinical pictures with less effort compared with current alternative solutions.

The Grifols sCD38 solution has received the CE mark and will be available in certain markets after completion of any additional registration and notification requirements.