Sales rose by 10.9% cc in 2023, (+8.7% on a reported basis), to 6,592 million euros. All business units and key regions reported growth, says the Group.

Adjusted gross margin reached 41.4% in the fourth quarter of 2023, an improvement of 570 basis points on the same quarter of 2022, contributing to a full-year margin of 39.7% (37.6% in 2022), excluding Biotest.

Adjusted EBITDA came to 1,474 million euros, ahead of forecasts, with a margin of 22.4% (24.0% excluding Biotest).

Reported EBITDA came to 1,251 million euros, with a margin of 19.0% (20.8% excluding Biotest). Reported net profit will be €59 million in 2023. Excluding exceptional items, which mainly comprise restructuring costs, this figure has risen to 206 million euros.

' As we approach 2024, Grifols is well positioned to accelerate the improvement of its financial performance. and operational efficiency' says management in its press release.

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