(Alliance News) - GSK PLC on Monday announced positive results from the latest trial of its oral gonorrhoea treatment, showing it to be on par with intramuscular therapies.

GSK is a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company based in London.

The company said that gepotidacin, its oral antibiotic for the treatment of urogenital gonorrhoea, had achieved "positive headline results" in a recent global phase III clinical programme.

The potential "first-in-class" novel treatment demonstrated non-inferiority to "intramuscular ceftriaxone plus oral azithromycin combination therapy", the leading regimen for gonorrhoea. This was the primary efficacy endpoint of the trials.

Chris Corsico, senior vice president of GSK's development division, said: "With rising incidence rates and concern around growing resistance to existing treatments, gonorrhoea poses a threat to public health globally. These positive headline results demonstrate the potential for gepotidacin to provide a novel oral treatment option in the face of rising resistance and for patients who cannot take other treatments due to allergies or intolerance."

Shares in GSK were up 0.7% at 1,684.80 pence each in London on Monday morning.

By Hugh Cameron, Alliance News reporter

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