Guidewire and Claimatic announced that Claimatic?s new Ready for Guidewire validated accelerator is now available to ClaimCenter on Guidewire Cloud users in the Guidewire Marketplace. Designed to be managed by business users with no coding required, Claimatic enables insurers to automate their claim segmentation, triage, and assignment from First Notice of Loss (FNOL). Insurers can set unlimited custom parameters to nimbly manage claims assignments, allowing for strategic use of available resources with reduced complexity.

Claimatic?s integration enables ClaimCenter FNOL data to move from ClaimCenter to Claimatic and Claimatic?s optimal claims assignment to move from Claimatic back to ClaimCenter. With the Claimatic Accelerator for Claims Segmentation, Triage, & Assignment, insurers can: Save time and effort through the automatic data transfer between ClaimCenter and Claimatic; Dispatch claims assignments in seconds, reducing cycle times and improving customer experience; and Optimize workforce efficiency and customer satisfaction with assignments tailored to the insurance professional?s skill set and available capacity. In addition to daily volume, Claimatic?s accelerator helps insurers quickly adapt to claims surges, like those driven by catastrophic (CAT) events, in real-time.

The automated claims processing and data transfer capabilities help insurers avoid employee burnout and effectively manage their fluctuating workforce during these CAT events.