Guidewire announced its partnership with Swiss Re Reinsurance Solutions to help build a more interconnected insurance industry through the use of technology. Based on a shared commitment to insurance innovation and excellence, the collaboration will help grow the insurance industry by reducing points of operational friction between risks, insureds, insurers, reinsurers, and intermediaries. The partnership will provide Guidewire and Swiss Re customers with a suite of analytics products, integrations, and data transfer mechanisms, starting with the deployment of Swiss Re Reinsurance Solutions?

proprietary data models and risk insights into the Guidewire cloud platform. Guidewire's Analytics Manager will facilitate the integrations to embed relevant insights into core insurance operations. As insurers strive to price and select risks in an increasingly complex world, they are deploying advanced analytics into claims and underwriting workflow at a rapidly increasing pace.

The industry?s adoption of generative AI will further accelerate this trend. Seamless interoperability of systems between primary carriers and reinsurers is necessary for sharing data, propagating insight, and facilitating risk transfer. The Guidewire and Swiss Re collaboration will reduce the friction that insurance counterparties face by streamlining data access and predictive model deployment.