Guidewire and Smart Communications announced that the new Built by GuidewireSmart Communications integrations are now available in the Guidewire Marketplace to ClaimCenter, PolicyCenter, and BillingCenter users on Guidewire Cloud. Smart Communications' customer communications management solution, SmartCOMM, helps insurers to deepen engagement with their policyholders, achieve operational excellence, and enhance the customer communications experience for both policyholders and insurance professionals alike. Designed for the business user, the technology makes it simple for insurers to deliver personalized, interactive communications with policyholders through their preferred channels at scale.

It also helps to ensure that all communications are brand-consistent and compliant with regulations, reducing risk exposure for insurers. Directly within Guidewire's user interface, the Smart Communications Built by Guidewire integrations enable insurance professionals to: Engage with policyholders through hyper-personalized, multi-channel/multi-language communication, increasing efficiency and improving customer experience; Leverage and customize company-controlled templates in a word processor-like experience, ensuring brand consistency and ease of use for business users; Easily view tracked changes on each document and customize permission levels for template text, helping to adhere to regulatory compliance standards; and Preview the final communication to ensure the customer view meets company standards. Built by Guidewire integrations are pre-built and standardized by Guidewire to speed cloud delivery and maintenance.

Leveraging the Integration Framework for Guidewire Cloud, developers can implement integrations between InsuranceSuite and third-party apps using multiple APIs, messaging systems, or protocols with ease.