Guidewire and Karate Labs announced that Karate has joined Guidewire PartnerConnect as a new Solution partner at the Select level. Karate is the first Solution partner joining the Guidewire Marketplace with testing technologies. Guidewire's partnership with Karate enables Guidewire to prioritize and develop feature enhancements for Guidewire customers directly in Karate.

This collaboration also includes plans for Guidewire to enrich Karate's framework by backporting selected advancements from Guidewire's offerings to the broader Karate community. Karate's open-source test automation platform combines API testing, API performance testing, API mocks, and UI testing. Karate's technology is embedded as the foundation for Guidewire's API testing for all Guidewire Cloud customers, allowing them to ensure APIs are working correctly and can be smoothly integrated into various applications.

There is no integration required to leverage Karate's technology in Guidewire Cloud - it is embedded in the Guidewire Testing Framework. However, Guidewire Cloud customers can now expand their use of Karate beyond the Guidewire Testing Framework using the official Karate IntelliJ plugin and VS Code extension in Guidewire Marketplace.