Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited has submitted the applications to develop power plants under the announcement regarding the purchase of electricity in accordance with the Regulations for Purchasing Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources under a Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) Scheme between 2022-2030 for Power Plants with No Fuel Costs of the Energy Regulatory Commission ("ERC"), and was awarded the renewable energy projects according to the announcement of the ERC regarding the list of applicants for electricity production who have been awarded according to the Regulations for Purchasing Electricityfrom Renewable Energy Sources under a feed-in-Tariff (WiT) Scheme between 2022- 2030 for Power Plants with No fuel Costs, B.E. 2022, dated 5th April 2023 (the "Announcement"). On 20th December 2023, a group of subsidiaries in which the Company directly holds 100% equity through Gunkul Solar Powergen Co. Ltd., Gunkul One Energy 2 Co.

Ltd. and Gunkul One Energy 9 Co. Ltd., Solar Farm, 41.6, 2030, 2.6679, Total, 429.6. The Company would like to provide notification to the Stock Exchange of Thailand of the signing of the aforementioned Power Purchase Agreement ("PPA"). The Company will gradually sign additional PPA contracts according to the list of awarded projects as announced by the ERC.

The Company will provide further updates should there be any progress on the matter.