GXO Logistics, Inc. announced that it has extended its agreement with, and added returns processing to, its partnership with Amer Sports. GXO manages logistics for Amer Sports at its 52,000-square-meter Saint-Vulbas site in the Lyon region of France. The highly automated facility has automated parcel storage and retrieval systems that intelligently sort items on a conveyor system integrated throughout the site and adapt quickly to peaks in order volumes.

Automation on site has evolved continuously to support Amer Sports? ability to adapt to changes in consumer behavior, including the shift from retail to ecommerce and increasing returns. Along with scaled automation, the facility uses adaptive technology, including efficiency- and ergonomics-enhancing tools such as Proglove palm scanners and Cognex intelligent cameras.

When setting up the return activity, GXO paid particular attention to the ergonomics of workstations, in particular with height-adjustable tables and additional lights. In addition to their high operational standards, Amer Sports and GXO share a desire for sustainable growth, ensuring ESG is integrated in their initiatives. GXO has installed an automated packing solution that revolutionizes order preparation, increasing productivity, significantly reducing materials and shipping costs and reducing the environmental impact from last-mile transportation as well as improving the end consumer?s out-of-box experience.

The site also employs up to five participants from the Log?ins program, GXO?s social joint venture with ARES. Log?ins promotes social inclusion in France, providing training and employment assistance to an average of 150 workers in 2023 who are differently abled or in other ways unable to effectively fill positions in logistics or other fields.