GXO Logistics, Inc. announced the successful deployment of a large-scale robotics solution in Europe for a major global sporting goods retailer. The solution was designed to speed order processing, increase agility to respond to seasonal volume changes and deliver efficiency savings. GXO manages a growing share of the retailer?s logistics in Europe and recently began implementing automation in its solutions to enable the customer to meet demand.

This solution, which is deployed across more than 12,000 square meters at the site, is part of a complete transformation of the omnichannel retailer?s supply chain in the region. The solution GXO has implemented comprises about 500 autonomous mobile robots (AMR) handling 70,000 bins on 5.5-meter-tall storage racks. The robots are used for picking activities and have significantly improved productivity, accuracy and safety on site.

The lightweight robots are easy to transport and install, giving GXO the flexibility to quickly move them around the warehouse or deploy them to other facilities to meet seasonal changes.