● Over the last twelve months, the sales forecast has been frequently revised upwards.

● Over the last seven days, analysts have been revising upwards their EPS estimates for the company.

● The tendency within the weekly time frame is positive above the technical support level at 41.55 EUR


● The company does not generate enough profits, which is an alarming weak point.

● The company is in debt and has limited leeway for investment

● Prospects from analysts covering the stock are not consistent. Such dispersed sales estimates confirm the poor visibility into the group's activity.

● With an expected P/E ratio at 52.52 and 39.37 respectively for both the current and next fiscal years, the company operates with high earnings multiples.

● The firm pays small or no dividend to shareholders. For that reason, it is not a yield company.

● For the last four months, EPS estimates made by Standard & Poor's analysts have been revised downwards.

● For the last 12 months, analysts have been regularly downgrading their EPS expectations. Analysts predict worse results for the company against their predictions a year ago.

● Most analysts recommend that the stock should be sold or reduced.

● The three month average target prices set by analysts do not offer high potential in comparison with the current prices.