C Vijayakumar, CEO of HCL Tech, shared his optimism about the future of the technology sector despite the current challenges. He highlighted his company's remarkable growth, driven by significant contracts in cloud and cybersecurity.

He highlighted the crucial role of artificial intelligence, particularly generative AI, as a driver of efficiency and innovation. With promising projects underway, he stressed the importance of a solid data infrastructure to integrate AI on a large scale.

Geographically, North America is showing strong growth momentum, Europe remains cautious, while Asia is showing increasing potential. HCL Tech, confident in its strategy, continues to recruit actively, and stands out in a sector where others are more reserved.

As far as India is concerned, Vijayakumar calls for continued reforms and further development of the manufacturing sector. He sees India not only as a talent pool, but also as a key market for international companies, underlining its growing potential on the world stage.

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