HCLTech announced that HCLTech AI Force is now available on Google Cloud's Gemini models. HCLTech's patented and system agnostic GenAI platform, which is designed to fast-track the value of GenAI investments, has integrated Google's multimodal large language model (LLM) Gemini to enable innovation at scale. Along with accessibility and support for Gemini applications, HCLTech AI Force comes with robust security and governance measures.

HCLTech Industry Solutions powered by Gemini models include intelligent asset tracking, improving material movement within plants for manufacturing, and a core PLM (Production Lifecycle Management) solution. Additional industry solutions for mobile providers target augmented network automation (ANA) and net-zero intelligence operations (NIO) to drive down energy consumption. With its full-stack application development and engineering expertise and decades of experience in AI, HCLTech is helping clients unlock the best value from GenAI, from chip development to cloud and business process optimization.