HCLSoftware, the software business of HCLTech and Atlas Cloud Services - a branch of UM6P - Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Morocco, have joined forces in a partnership aimed at supporting businesses' digital transitions in Morocco. The partnership places a strong focus on digital and software sovereignty within Morocco. This partnership will ensure access to cloud services that encompass collaboration, productivity, availability, security and infrastructure.

With growing concerns surrounding data privacy and protection, businesses can rest assured that their sensitive information will always be safeguarded with HCLSoftware. Additionally, the solution is designed to meet the specific requirements of businesses, offering a comprehensive range of features such as robust professional messaging, secure instant communication, efficient video conferencing and flexible data storage that can be accessed from any location. The partnership between the two companies is essential for ushering in a new era of digital and software sovereignty in Morocco.

The partnership also aims to enhance technological capabilities by localizing data within Morocco. The collaboration between HCLSoftware and Atlas Cloud Services further aims to harness talent from Mohammed VI Polytechnic University for future inclusion within the company. This represents commitment to fostering local talent through extensive training and support for HCLSoftware's solutions.

This will empower professionals in Morocco to navigate and utilize the implemented platforms effectively.