Maroussi, 28 December 2023


OF 28th DECEMBER 2023

"HELLENiQ ENERGY Holdings S.A." (the "Company") announces that the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders of the Company was held on 28th December 2023 at 15.00 hours exclusively through electronic means without the physical presence of shareholders, who were able to participate and exercise their voting rights remotely, either via a real time teleconference or by submitting prior to the date of the General Meeting a postal vote form, in person or by proxy.

In the said meeting, 221 shareholders, representing 251,354,395 common registered shares and voting rights, out of a total of 305,635,185 common registered shares, i.e. 82.24 % of the paid up share capital, participated or were legally represented.

The Extraordinary General Meeting adopted the following resolution on the sole item of the agenda:

  1. Approved the amendment of paragraph 2 section (a) and paragraph 11 of article 20 (Election- Composition- Replacement of the members of the Board of Directors) of the Articles of Association of the Company in order to provide that the Hellenic Republic shall have the right to appoint three (3) members to the Company's Board of Directors if it holds, either directly or indirectly through the "Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund S.A.", a percentage below the thirty five per cent (35%) but above the twenty five per cent (25%) of the shares with voting rights of the Company.
  2. Authorised Messrs. A. Shamishis, Chief Executive Officer, G. Alexopoulos, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Group Strategic Planning & New Activities, I. Apsouris, Group General Counsel and V. Tsaitas, Group CFO, acting, the first one individually and the rest jointly by two, to sign any necessary document and to take any necessary or advisable action in order to complete the amendment of the Articles of Association. The above authorised persons can further authorise attorneys or employees of the Company or third parties for this purpose.

Total number of shares for which valid votes were cast / total number of valid votes: 251,354,395 corresponding to 100 % of the represented votes.

Number of votes

in favor: 239,435,039 / 95.26%

against: 11,896,269 / 4.73%

abstained: 23,087 / 0.01%


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