WIESBADEN (dpa-AFX) - The construction industry in Germany has had a mixed start to the year. In January, the main construction industry recorded 1.3 percent more price-adjusted orders than a year earlier, according to the Federal Statistical Office on Monday. From December to January, however, a real decline of 7.4 percent was recorded.

In building construction in particular, which involves the construction of buildings, significantly fewer new orders were received in January than in December: minus 12 percent. Civil engineering, which includes the construction of roads and railroad lines, was down 3.1% on December.

In both real and nominal terms, turnover in the sector in January was below the level of the same month last year: adjusted for prices, companies recorded a 5.3% drop in revenue. Nominal turnover fell by 3.6 percent to five billion euros./ben/DP/mis