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Market Closed - Hong Kong S.E. 04:08:04 2024-06-19 am EDT 5-day change 1st Jan Change
265.4 HKD +2.79% Intraday chart for Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited +1.07% -0.97%
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Hong Kong's Stock Market No Longer Suspending Trading During Typhoons Beginning in September MT
Number of All-Male Boards Among Hong Kong-listed Firms Halves MT
Hong Kong to Keep Stock Market Open During Severe Weather Conditions -- Update DJ
Hong Kong to Allow Trading During Typhoons From September DJ
Hong Kong says stock market to stay open during typhoons from Sept 23 RE
Hong Kong, Shenzhen To Cooperate In Establishing Integrated Funds Platform MT
JPMorgan Boosts Stake in Hong Kong-Listed Firms By HK$3.3 Billion MT
Copper's record run at risk as US shipments calm speculator frenzy RE
Nomura Adjusts Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing’s Price Target to HK$330.58 From HK$324.31, Keeps at Buy MT
Trading volumes surge as investors return to base metals: Andy Home RE
Hong Kong Stocks Rally on Bets on China Recovery Amid Upbeat Trade Data, Relaxation of Property-Buying Rules MT
Hong Kong Shares Hit Nine-Month High on Report of Regulators Weighing Dividend Tax Waiver DJ
Hong Kong Exchanges And Clearing To Get More IPOs MT
Hong Kong Seeks Saudi Support to Remain Asian Financial Hub MT
Hong Kong to launch weekly options for stocks including HSBC, Alibaba RE
Hong Kong Exchange Gets Approval for Chairman Appointment MT
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited Appoints Carlson Tong as the Chairman of the Board of Directors CI
Nomura Adjusts Hong Kong Exchanges And Clearing's Price Target to HK$324.31 From HK$322.28, Keeps at Buy MT
HKEX Appoints Chairman MT
Hong Kong bourse operator names Carlson Tong as new chairman RE
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited Announces Board Changes CI
HKEX's Q1 Profit Falls 13% as Revenue Slides 6% MT
HKEX's Profit Falls for Second Straight Quarter on Weak Trading, Listings -- Update DJ
HKEX's Net Profit Declines for Second Straight Quarter DJ
Hong Kong bourse operator's Q1 profit down 13% on weaker listings, trading RE
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Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited is one of the Asian largest Stock Exchange. Net sales break down by activity as follows: - negotiation services (52%): execution and management of operations on derivatives and cash (shares, bonds, warrants, etc.); - settlement and securities custody services (34.7%); - data and market index issuance (5.3%); - other (8%). Net sales are distributed geographically as follows: Hong Kong (88.4%), China (0.4%) and the United Kingdom (11.2%).
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