HTC VIVE e sent the first virtual reality headset designed for astronaut mental health use to the International Space Station. Dan O'Brien, President of HTC VIVE for the Americas, the technological challenges associated with sending such equipment into space, including managing the absence of gravity and the need to create reference points to prevent objects from drifting around the space station. 

Space missions can be very isolating and stressful for astronauts, who experience stress levels in minutes comparable to what people on Earth can feel over hours, weeks or years. The VR headset aims to provide soothing, serene experiences to help astronauts manage this stress. On Earth, the headset is used for training simulations. 

Finally, O'Brien distinguishes HTC's philosophy from that of competitors such as Meta and Apple, saying that HTC focuses on technological innovation and humanity, rather than monetizing users via advertising in the metaverse. 

(MT Newswires)

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