HubSpot, Inc. announced that Rob Giglio has stepped down from his role as Chief Customer Officer and has left the Company as of April 12, 2024. The Company will not be filling the Chief Customer Officer role and has promoted the current leaders of sales, marketing, and customer success to report directly to HubSpot?s Chief Executive Officer, Yamini Rangan. Christian Kinnear will continue as Chief Sales Officer, a role he has held for over two years.

In his nine years at HubSpot, Christian has held several international sales leadership roles and brings a global perspective to the discipline. Kipp Bodnar will continue as Chief Marketing Officer, a role he has held for nearly nine years. A thought leader in the application of artificial intelligence to go-to-market, Kipp brings unique insights on how HubSpot can lead the way for customers with AI.

Jon Dick, who was recently appointed to lead customer success after eight years within HubSpot?s marketing organization, deeply understands the full customer journey and is a champion for deeper alignment across teams. Together, these three leaders have driven transformational growth for HubSpot in their collective tenure.