Corporate presentation

March 2023

Stijn Van Rompay, CEO

Jean-Luc Vandebroek, CFO

Forward-Looking Statements

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Executive Management Team

  • In-depthknowledge of regulatory affairs, market access and the capital markets; involved in > 80 approved drugs, executed >250 licensing transactions; established track record of shareholder value creation
  • Our team consists of 37 people, 8 nationalities

Stijn Van Rompay - Chief Executive Officer

  • >20 years of experience in leadership positions in pharma
  • Co-founded,managed, and exited multiple pharma companies

Dietmar Aichhorn - Chief Operating Officer

  • >20 years of experience in various scientific roles in pharma
  • Expert in technical and clinical development and regulatory affairs in the U.S., EU and other key geographies

Koenraad Van der Elst - Chief Legal Officer

  • >30 years of experience as external and in-house legal and general counsel at various listed companies
  • Involved in numerous capital and M&A transactions worldwide

Thomas Jacobsen - Chief Business Development Officer

  • >20 years of experience in pharma
  • Expertise in operational management, and business & product development

Jean-Luc Vandebroek - Chief Financial Officer

  • >25 years of executive financial leadership
  • large, global network of investors and financial institutions


Rethinking, Reinventing, Optimising Existing Medications

To improve overall therapy outcomes


Changing dose and/or route of



New therapeutic uses


For the benefit of patients, physicians, payors


Patented Value-Added Medicines: Pharma's Sweet Spot



compounds and


New indications, combi- nations, reformulations

Unique Features

Patented value-added 505(b)(2) medicines:

Optimised existing medicines

Efficacy, safety, new use, compliance, onset

of action, drug titration, convenience

Key Benefits to Patients,

Physicians and Payors


New Chemical


& Biologicals

Risk, Cost and Timelines



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