Salesloft, Inc. announced a collaboration with IBM to embed IBM watsonx, IBM?s AI and data platform, within the Salesloft platform. This integration is designed to help revenue teams understand and execute the right actions to predictably and consistently close more deals. IBM intends to use the watsonx-embedded version of the Salesloft platform for its sales organization, and both companies may also recommend watsonx and Salesloft to their respective customers.

Salesloft is developing a series of implementation and education services to help support customer adoption and generation of revenue outcomes. As part of the collaboration, Salesloft intends to make available a version of the Salesloft platform with IBM watsonx embedded into Salesloft Conversations, Salesloft Deals, Salesloft Action Items and Conversations Summary. This will allow customers to tap into the power of IBM?s AI and data platform to help unlock seller productivity, identify risks in pipeline, and validate sales forecasts, among other benefits.