ICON plc announced the release of its next generation Clinical Trial Tokenisation solution. The combination of ICON's proprietary tokenisation engine, access to real-world data and advanced clinical analytics expertise, now delivered through a cohesive and seamless operational model, provides valuable, long-term insights on drug safety and efficacy, throughout the product development lifecycle. ICON's next generation proprietary Clinical Trial Tokenisation solution seamlessly integrates all the necessary components to allow for the collation of patient data in a consented, discreet and non-intrusive way with Privacy Protected Record Linkage (PPRL) across time and source.

Furthermore, ICON's capability to generate multiple tokens, coupled with advanced analytics, provides highly accurate matching (up to 90%) of clinical trial participants to the ecosystem of real-world data sources in the United States. This enables the best available secondary data to be used, resulting in enhanced evidence generation in a highly cost and time efficient manner for customers, with robust protection of patient privacy. Valuable insights from this offering can be leveraged in many ways, including regulatory and reimbursement discussions and scientific publications to optimise clinical development lifecycles.

This can also be used to better understand the response of specific sub-cohorts of patients, and to conduct long-term safety surveillance. ICON's Clinical Trial Tokenisation solution is delivered within an operating framework aligned to industry security and data privacy standards, and its corporate security and data protection programs have been assessed to ISO 27001 and 27701 standards. ICON is uniquely positioned to support customers because, in addition to commercialisation capability, it has extensive experience in clinical research, regulatory management, and healthcare intelligence, all crucial to clinical trial tokenisation.