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Industrias Bachoco, S.A.B. de C.V. (Bachoco) is a holding company. The Company owns and manages over 1,000 facilities, organized in approximately 10 production complexes and over 60 distribution centers in Mexico, and a production complex in the United States. Bachoco operates through two segments: poultry and others. The poultry segment consists of chicken and egg operations. The others segment includes the operations of pigs, balanced feed for animal consumption and other by-products. The Company participates in the food industry in Mexico and in the United States, mainly in the poultry industry. In Mexico, the Company's core business is poultry (chicken and egg products). It also produces and sells a range of other products, which it refers to as other business lines, which include the production and selling of balanced feed, live swine, beef and turkey products, as well as a laboratory that produces vaccines for the poultry industry and other similar industries.
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