FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) - Shares in semiconductor companies were among the biggest winners on the German stock market on Friday. The mood in the technology sector on both sides of the Atlantic remains buoyant. The Nasdaq 100 is trading at record highs and the sector index for the European technology sector is currently scratching at its highest price since November 2021 with a plus of one percent, above which it would be the highest since 2000.

At the top of the DAX, Infineon continued its recovery from the previous day with a plus of 1.6 percent. Elmos Semiconductor benefited from a positive analyst comment in the SDax with a plus of 4.2 percent. PVA Tepla and Süss Microtec were also in demand in the second-line index, with increases of around five and four percent respectively, while Siltronic and Aixtron rose by up to two and a half percent in the MDax mid-cap index.

Semiconductor stocks had a difficult time recently. Companies such as Infineon, Intel, STMicroelectronics, AMD and Samsung disappointed with their business figures and outlooks.

However, there were also positive surprises, such as the chip developer Arm Holdings the previous day. In addition, major US tech giants such as Amazon, Meta and Microsoft won over investors with their business performance and ultimately caused euphoria in the tech sector.

Business with the automotive industry, the cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) are particularly important for chip manufacturers. In the USA, Nvidia is still the flagship when it comes to AI. The share price has risen from around 500 to almost 700 dollars since the beginning of the year alone. Since the beginning of 2022, it has increased almost fivefold./ajx/edh/men