Informatica announced an expanded partnership with Databricks with new product capabilities and offerings, bringing together the full range of Informatica?s AI-powered Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) platform capabilities within the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. The expanded partnership will enable customers to deploy enterprise-grade Generative AI (GenAI) applications at scale, based on a foundation of high-quality, trusted data and metadata. The expanded partnership includes four new capabilities: GenAI Solution Blueprint for Databricks DBRX - Informatica?s GenAI blueprint for Databricks provides a roadmap for customers to develop Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)-based GenAI applications using DatabricksDBRX.

Databricks DBRX is an open, general-purpose large language model (LLM) designed to enable users to develop enterprise-grade GenAI applications. The blueprint allows customers to build RAG-based GenAI solutions, leveraging Informatica?s IDMC no-code/low-code interface and metadata-driven intelligence and Databricks Vector Database for embedding data, enabling access to trusted and actionable data insights at scale. Key benefits of the blueprint include: Grounding of generative AI application inferencing and summaries with enterprise data providing high-fidelity, trusted responses.

Enrichment of prompts with comprehensive enterprise data and metadata to ensure prompts and responses are contextualized based on the unique industry and organizational semantics. Integration of data quality metrics to prioritize data set selection for grounding to ensure GenAI applications are based on trusted data. No-code orchestration and definition of RAG chain and agent-based GenAI applications ensuring customers can rapidly develop, maintain and scale GenAI applications.

Comprehensive data governance to provide transparency and trust in GenAI applications by enforcing data access and use policies to deliver enterprise-compliant applications. Native Databricks SQL ELT ? Native SQL ELT will enable users to perform in-database transformations with full pushdown capabilities on Databricks SQL, the intelligent data warehouse, leveraging native Databricks functions, such as the AI-powered Assistant, and serverless compute.

This will allow customers to develop ETL pipelines to run on Databricks compute for AI-optimized performance, scalable data transformations and integrations. Cloud Data Integration-Free Service (CDI-Free) on Databricks Partner Connect - Informatica?s CDI-Free offering is now available via Databricks Partner Connect, giving customers quick and easy access to Informatica?s cloud data ingestion and transformation capabilities at no cost. CDI-Free via Partner Connect offers users ELT processing of up to 20 million rows of data or 10 ELT compute hours per month for free.

Full IDMC Support via Unity Catalog - TheInformatica IDMC platform is now fully validated with DatabricksUnity Catalog, a unified governance layer for data and AI within the Databricks platform. The integration with Unity Catalog includes all critical IDMC services and greatly enhances Informatica?s ability to manage data lineage and governance on the IDMC Platform.