Analytical Space, Inc. announced partnership with Inmarsat and Addvalue Innovation Pte Ltd. This new collaboration will enable ASI to leverage unique aspects of the Inmarsat and Addvalue network ecosystems, and will be an important enabler in ASI's rollout of its Fast Pixel NetworkTM. The Fast Pixel Network is a data transport satellite network in low Earth orbit that ingests data from Earth observation satellites, routes that ingested data from node to node via high speed optical intersatellite links and downlinks that data in near real time to government and commercial consumers. This partnership with Inmarsat and Addvalue will open additional communications pathways between the Fast Pixel Network's Earth observation constellation customers based in low Earth orbit and Inmarsat's communication satellite network in geostationary orbit - without the need for those constellation operators to change their existing hardware architectures. Additionally, Analytical Space's Fast Pixel Network satellites will benefit from the "always-on" telemetry, tracking, and control (TT&C) capabilities delivered by Addvalue's proprietary Intersatellite Data Relay System (IDRS) technology. This capability will ensure that Analytical Space's constellation is always poised to serve customers with TT&C data relay.