Innocan Pharma Corporation announced the successful results of a controlled efficacy test (the "Trial") regarding its vaginal derma product (the "Product").
The results of the Trial demonstrate that Innocan's Product, which contains cannabinoids, phytoestrogens, hyaluronic acid, and probiotics, effectively reduced the symptoms, and improved overall vaginal health. The 56-day Trial was conducted with a group of female volunteers experiencing symptoms of vaginal
dryness, stinging, burning, infection, and pain during urination. The primary indication of the Trial was a statistically significant alleviation of symptoms after 28 days of Product use including: Percentage improvement Compared to T0; 66%, 64%, 47%, 59%, 63%. Symptoms: Vaginal burning, Pruritus (Itching) Vaginal dryness, Pain during intercourse, Urinary discomfort. Furthermore, 94% of the volunteers reported a reduction in vaginal dryness, 94% indicated better sensation during intimate relationships, and 91% stated that the vaginal area became more elastic. Additionally, 93% of the volunteers reported a reduction in discomfort during sports activity, 94% felt immediate relief from vaginal itching, 93% felt their skin was healthier, and 97% would recommend the Product to others. The Product does not contain hormones or steroids, which are commonly used to treat similar symptoms and can have negative side effects. Innocan's use of cannabinoids and other natural ingredients offers a healthy alternative for women seeking relief from vaginal discomfort.