The Nomination Committee of Instalco will propose that the Annual General Meeting in 2021 elects Instalco’s CEO Per Sjöstrand as new Chairman of the Board. Based on this, Per Sjöstrand has informed the Board that he wishes to resign as CEO. To ensure continuity and an orderly transition, Per will continue as CEO until the day when a new CEO assumes the role, which is expected to take place during the year. Up until the time when Per Sjöstrand assumes the role of Chairman, the Nomination Committee proposes a re-election of Olof Ehrlén as Chairman. When Per Sjöstrand begins as Chairman, Olof Ehrlén will continue as a Board member. The Board of Instalco will immediately initiate the process to recruit a new CEO. The Nomination Committee will propose that the Board up until the end of the AGM in 2022 shall consist of 7 members without deputy members and that the following individuals shall be elected as members of the Board: Olof Ehrlén (initially as Chairman), Johnny Alvarsson, Carina Qvarngård, Carina Edblad, Per Leopoldson, Camilla Öberg and Per Sjöstrand (initially as member). Hence, the proposal of the Nomination Committee means that all current Board members shall be re-elected and that Per Sjöstrand is to be a new member of the Board. Per Sjöstrand founded Instalco in 2014 and has been the company’s CEO since then. He is also Chairman of the Board of Fasadgruppen Group AB (publ) and Green Landscaping Group AB (publ). Per has almost 40 years’ experience from various leading positions in the construction industry. He has an MSc in Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg.