Four Instalco companies have been contracted for a joint installation assignment at a new construction project of 160 apartments in Malmö. The combined order value for Instalco is around SEK 100 million. The contract is with JM, which is the developer for project Docks.

JM will be building this landmark at the old Kockums industrial area, right on the quay in central Malmö. The Docks residential project will be two nearly 80-metre-tall towers with 26 floors and around 160 apartments. It is part of the Western Harbour renewal project to convert it from an industrial/port area into a mixed-use development with housing.

Instalco will be responsible for the electrical, heating & plumbing, ventilation and sprinkler installations. The following Instalco companies will be involved: El-Pågarna, Rörläggaren, Bi- Vent and Sprinklerbolaget. Hot-dip galvanized sheet metal will be used for the façade, which will give the two towers a distinct look.

The glassed-in balconies have been designed to look like the control cabins on the huge construction cranes that were once used in the port. The project is already underway and expected to be completed during 2025. The goal is to certify it as a Sustainable Instalco Project.