GoTo announced a new native integration for its LogMeIn Rescue product with Intel Endpoint Management Assistant (EMA) for Intel vPro-based devices. GoTo is the first to offer the native integration with Intel, allowing customers to leverage the Intel EMA capabilities directly within Rescue. Now, IT teams have centralized remote support, management, and reporting for Intel vPro-based devices in Rescue, providing a uniquely fast, easy, and streamlined experience without needing to toggle between multiple applications.

The new integration further enhances Rescue?s support for Intel vPro, which allows IT teams to access and support remote out-of-band devices that are not running on the company?s operating system. Managing out-of-band devices typically requires IT to navigate multiple solutions, workflows, and varying levels of end-user involvement. Now however, agents can take advanced actions like connecting to the BIOS, troubleshooting OS and device driver corruption, updating system settings or firmware, and more ?

even if devices are powered off ? all natively from the Rescue Technician Console. Moreover, all support actions automatically funnel into Rescue?s reporting system, giving IT leaders a simple, centralized view of activities and results.