By Will Feuer

A U.S. appeals court has sided with Intel, vacating a roughly $2.2 billion patent-infringement verdict won by VLSI Technology, which argues that some technology in Intel's microprocessors infringe on VLSI's patents.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit affirmed a jury's verdict that Intel infringed on one of VLSI's patents and reversed the verdict that Intel infringed on another of the company's patents. The Federal Circuit sent the case back for further proceedings to determine how much Intel owes in damages.

Representatives for VLSI Technology didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

An Intel spokesperson said the company is pleased with the appeals court's decision. "Intel looks forward to making its case to a jury that the VLSI patent sent back to the trial court is also of little value," they said.

The latest ruling vacates the roughly $2.2 billion awarded to VLSI by a jury in 2021. The jury awarded $1.5 billion in damages for the infringement of one patent, and $675 million for the infringement of another.

The Federal Circuit reversed the verdict that Intel infringed on the patent that was behind the $675 million in damages, and vacated the ruling of $1.5 billion in damages due to issues with the analysis that supported the number.

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