Please read this full article before visiting the Union Assembly Detroit, as this article contains all the specifications and other information about this restaurant.

Do you know about the new restaurant opening in Detroit? If not, this article will be sharing some details about the Union Assembly Detroit, a new restaurant located in the United States. We got many searches and requests about this restaurant as it is in recent talks. Please read this article without missing any detail to know when this classy restaurant is opening so that you can visit and enjoy the amazing views, have your meals, and know its specifications.

Table of Contents

  • What is Union Assembly?
  • Who is the owner of the Union Assembly Detroit?
  • Recruitment of chefs in the Union Assembly
  • What timing is this restaurant open?
  • Reviews about this restaurant
  • Conclusion
What is Union Assembly?

Union Assembly is a restaurant that has recently been opened this month. This restaurant is be located in the district of Detroit across Woodward. This restaurant will be a two-floored spot where you can enjoy your favourite dishes while sitting beside beautiful scenery.

Who is the owner of the Union Assembly Detroit?

We went through some research on this restaurant on the web. But we didn't find any clear details on its owner, but we got some details that the co-owner Ann Stevenson has designed this space. And he is behind this project. He also designed a private full dining hall in the union assembly. Read the below heading to know which chefs are recruited in the Union Assembly.

Recruitment of chefs in the Union Assembly

It is heard that chef Mara Jaffe, a district chief, is being recruited by the Union assembly. And Union Assembly Detroit also requested chef de Cuisine Philip Vernier to return to their restaurant, provide their service, and lead the Union Joints. These chefs are recruited by the Union assembly looking at their professional skills and experience in this field.

What timing is this restaurant open?

The following is the opening and closing timing of the Union assembly during the week:

  • Monday - Closed
  • Tuesday - Closed
  • Wednesday- 4 -10 pm
  • Thursday - 4 -10 pm
  • Friday - 4 - 11 pm
  • Saturday - 4 - 11 pm
  • Sunday - 3 - 9 pm.

You can visit the Union Assembly Detroit during the above-provided timings.

Reviews about this restaurant

If you want to visit the restaurant, you must be searching for reviews about it to know better about union assembly and its services. So don't worry, we have done this work for you. As we searched for reviews, there were many reviews on the web by customers. And most of them are by positive and happy customers. Many reviews explain the good taste of food and the exposure of this restaurant.


We want to share this article here as we have provided you with all the details that we managed to get based on our research. Considering Union Assembly Detroit, we can say that you can visit thisrestaurantand share your experience with us.

Would you mind commenting below if we managed to solve your queries or not?

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