VitalHub Corp. announced a licensing agreement of VitalHub subsidiary Intouch with Health's Patient Journey Platform by East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust. East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust provide acute hospital and community health services for people living in East Sussex and surrounding areas, totalling 525,000 people.

The Trust's services are mainly provided from two district general hospitals, Conquest Hospital and Eastbourne DGH both of which have Emergency Departments and provide care 24 hours a day. The Trust offers a range of surgical, medical and maternity services supported by diagnostic and therapy services, as well as providing outpatient, ophthalmology, rehabilitation and intermediate care services. Moreover, the Trust's community teams also provide care in the patient's own home and from a number of clinics and GP surgeries in East Sussex.

Prior to this contract, East Sussex was an existing VitalHub subsidiary (Jayex) customer, using the “Enlighten” check in solutions since 2016. The Trust has opted to extend and expand their relationship with the company by adopting Intouch's Patient Journey Platform, specifically through Intouch Flow Manager, Check In and Mobile App solutions. Through the adoption of Intouch's solutions, East Sussex can expect to afford improved patient care journeys, increasing the efficiency and patient experience in care delivery, as well as improved resource utilization and operational efficiency.

The Intouch with Health Patient Journey Platform enables NHS Trusts and healthcare organizations to manage entire patient workflows and optimize flow in outpatient care in an efficient manner. Processing approximately 56% of all NHS outpatient attendances, the Intouch Platform processes 55 million outpatient appointments annually, utilizing real time data and integrated blended pathways to improve patient flow and support more effective patient care.