IONOS Group SE (XTRA:IOS) commences share repurchases on October 20, 2023, under the program mandated by the shareholders in the Extraordinary General Meeting held on January 26, 2023. As per the mandate, the company is authorized to repurchase up to 10% of the share capital existing at the time of the resolution or, if this value is lower, of the company's share capital existing at the time the authorization is exercised. The shares will be repurchased at a price which may not be more than 10% higher or lower than the arithmetic mean of the prices of the company in the closing auction in the XETRA trading system (or a corresponding successor system) on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange during the last three trading days prior to the record date, whereby the record date is the day on which the obligation to purchase is entered into. The shares repurchase will be used for the current and future employee stock ownership plans and/or as an acquisition currency, or may also be cancelled. The repurchase authorization will be valid till August 31, 2026.

On May 8, 2024, the company announces a share repurchase program. Under the program, the company will repurchase up to 850,000 treasury shares, for a total of ?25 million. The repurchased shares will be used to fulfil obligations from the employee share option program from before the IPO and may also be used for other purpose as approved by the Extraordinary General Meeting. The repurchases will commence on May 17, 2024, and the program will expire on February 28, 2025.