LEXINGTON, Mass., Jan. 23, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- iSpecimen Inc. (Nasdaq: ISPC) (“iSpecimen” or the “Company”), an online global marketplace that connects scientists requiring biospecimens for medical research with a network of healthcare specimen providers, announced today that it entered into a pilot program agreement with TriMetis Life Sciences, LLC (“TriMetis”), a provider of digital pathology, laboratory and AI workflow and automation solutions for hospitals, pathology, diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies. This agreement aims to establish a strategic partnership between iSpecimen and TriMetis, providing opportunities for iSpecimen, its suppliers and customers to utilize technology solutions from TriMetis.

By combining iSpecimen’s global network of suppliers and researchers with TriMetis’ AI-powered, automated digital pathology solutions, this partnership is working to address industry challenges, reduce the risk of errors associated with manual processes and revolutionize tissue assessment for preclinical research.

Focusing initially on a substantial subset of solid tumor types utilizing TriMetis’ Computer-Assisted Pathology (TCAP) Quality Control AI, the partnership will help standardize and enhance tissue sample evaluation. This initiative will make significant strides in the comprehensive analysis of cancer tissues through the integration of Immunohistochemical (“IHC”) Methods and Fluorescent in Situ Hybridization (“FISH”) assessments. This is accomplished by providing researchers and suppliers access to TriMetis’ ARCH Ecosystem, including the ARCH Marketplace and ARCH LabFlow for end-to-end management of digital images, biospecimens, associated data and AI-enhanced information via the integration of TriMetis’ solutions into iSpecimen’s platform. The data and these visuals are crucial for researchers to make informed decisions, ensuring they choose the samples that fit their specific research needs.

“This pilot program exemplifies the fusion of two online portals, leveraging cutting-edge technological tools to both enhance customer service and elevate industry standards,” said Tracy Curley, Chief Executive Officer of iSpecimen. Ms. Curley continued, “For both iSpecimen and TriMetis, the focus is first and foremost on establishing best practices for quality control and assurance. By incorporating AI readings and images, our goal is to enhance the standardization of tissue-based oncology samples on the iSpecimen Marketplace®, contributing to a transformative shift in the quality assessments of tissue samples. Our collaboration with TriMetis represents a milestone in advancing tissue research quality, streamlining procurement processes and setting new industry-wide benchmarks through this innovative process that will further increase accuracy.”

Phil Cestaro, Chief Executive Officer of TriMetis Life Sciences, commented on the partnership, stating, “At TriMetis, we are committed to advancing cancer research through software solutions and cutting-edge AI technologies for laboratories, researchers, and biospecimen providers. Our ARCH software solutions and TCAP AI reduce the time and cost of research by providing critical data and eliminating returns to ensure researchers get the samples they need. We strongly believe that through partnerships like this, we can deliver better outcomes for patients all over the world.” Mr. Cestaro continued, “TriMetis’ TCAP AI and image management capabilities, combined with iSpecimen’s platform, is a significant step towards revolutionizing tissue-based research. Our AI-driven approach not only benefits iSpecimen’s suppliers by increasing efficiency but also enhances the overall opportunity for client success. This innovative partnership illustrates how two potentially competitive platforms can work together for the benefit of their clients and customers.”

“The synergy between iSpecimen and TriMetis addresses a significant issue in tissue-based research, acknowledging that pathologists are pressed to concentrate on patient-related concerns, often sidelining the depth of analysis required for research,” added Eric Langlois, Chief Revenue Officer of iSpecimen. Mr. Langlois continued, “Often, examining tissue samples for research is deferred until specifically requested, causing obstacles and delays. This partnership will focus on simplifying and standardizing these processes by utilizing TriMetis’ digital AI services and tapping into iSpecimen’s global network. By making the pathology review process more efficient and introducing a fully-pathology-reviewed inventory, we are aiming to reduce delays, improve efficiency and ultimately cut costs. I am confident that this partnership will bring significant benefits to both researchers and suppliers.”

About iSpecimen
iSpecimen (Nasdaq: ISPC) offers an online marketplace for human biospecimens, connecting scientists in commercial and non-profit organizations with healthcare providers that have access to patients and specimens needed for medical discovery. Proprietary, cloud-based technology enables scientists to intuitively search for specimens and patients across a federated partner network of hospitals, labs, biobanks, blood centers and other healthcare organizations. For more information, please visit www.ispecimen.com.

About TriMetis
Established in 2012, TriMetis Life Sciences, LLC. is a pioneering tissue technology company founded by scientists with decades of extensive experience in biospecimen procurement, clinical trials, and software development. Through the innovative ARCH Ecosystem, TriMetis facilitates access to top-tier biospecimens, AI-driven quality control applications, and automated solutions for laboratory workflows tailored to cancer researchers.

By fully embracing and investing in cutting-edge automation, artificial intelligence, and robotic technologies, TriMetis is propelling a century-old process into the future. Researchers now benefit from enhanced operational efficiency, superior data quality, and streamlined workflows, ultimately leading to improved outcomes across the board. For further insights into TriMetis Life Sciences, please explore www.TriMetisLS.com and follow @TriMetisLS on various social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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