On May 17, 2024, the Board OF JetBlue Airways Corporation increased the number of members of the Board to thirteen and appointed Mr. Jesse Lynn and Mr. Steven Miller to fill the newly created vacancies, effective immediately, in each case for a term expiring at the Company?s 2025 annual meeting of stockholders or until his earlier death, resignation, disqualification or removal. Messrs. Lynn and Miller were appointed to the Board pursuant to the terms of the Director Appointment and Nomination Agreement, dated as of February 16, 2024, by and among the Company, Carl C. Icahn and the other persons and entities listed therein.

The Board has appointed Messrs. Lynn and Miller to serve as independent members of the Audit Committee. There are no transactions in which Messrs.

Lynn or Miller have an interest requiring disclosure under Item 404(a) of Regulation S-K. Messrs. Lynn and Miller will be compensated in accordance with the Company?s publicly disclosed director compensation policies. Messrs.

Lynn and Miller have each entered into the Company?s standard indemnification agreement for directors and officers.