Karbon-X Corp. announced that the company has launched the Web-App version of their Karbon-X App, which provides a platform for everyday people to offset a portion of their carbon footprint and in turn positively impact the planet. Users can access the Web-App by visiting: portal.

Karbon-x.com to start offsetting. The App will be available for download from Android and Apple App stores by mid March, 2023. The Karbon-X App sets itself apart in the carbon offset space by offering: Convenient, easy to use platform, offering change users can count on; Ability for users to pick a project to support, depending on which offset strategy matters most to them; A shareable Karbon-X Badge, for users to post on their social platforms in order to highlight their part in helping the planet; In-depth project updates, including project achievements and additional badges for continued support of the project they've chosen to support; Confidence that their decision to offset a portion of theircarbon footprint is making a real difference, as all projects invested in undergoes a stringent vetting process to ensure it's efficacy, and that all stakeholders are taken into consideration.

Users can choose from 5 carbon offset strategies including: Air, Water, Earth, Energy or Innovate. They also pick a project from various carbon offset projects including: a reforestation project in Bolivia, an ocean de-acidification project in multiple locations around the world, and an oilfield process optimization project in Alberta/Sask Saskatchewan Canada. More projects are under development and will be added to the platform in the near future.