In November, German economics magazine WirtschaftsWoche published rankings for the 'Most Innovative Medium-Sized Companies'. Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG achieved an impressive 21st place out of some 3,500 firms.

What does the much-used word 'innovation' mean? Alongside inventiveness, refining existing solutions and creating new products and functions, innovation also means courage, curiosity and an absolute determination to implement good ideas as well and bring them to successful realisation.

Consultancy Munich Strategy Group (MSG), which was tasked by WirtschaftsWoche, also observed and evaluated new approaches, e.g. in marketing and organisation. 3,500 German businesses with a turnover between ten million and one billion were analysed.

First MSG compared corporate data, spoke to clients, industry experts, and to managing directors, owners and advisory boards. An 'innovation score' was then developed to whittle the companies down to 400 contenders. In addition to economic indicators like revenue growth and profitability, MSG founder and Director of Studies Sebastian Theopold focussed here especially on innovative dynamics, reputation and leadership: MSG considered whether the company stands out through continual developments, is seen as innovative by its competitors and has established a culture that fosters new ideas.

Achieving 21st place in the face of this complex analysis is a confirmation of Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG's corporate strategy, which has always been to look forward and outside the box and has also been a continual source of inspiration for the entire industry.

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